WordPress Dev.

250Its very effective having a website on the internet, using the right fuel like a WordPress will get you past the finish line.

WordPress is the leading web development tool used by so many, including major Canadian political parties, universities & colleges and journalists. We are now able to build the most complex yet functional website in a few weeks. This make the application comparable to none.


First off, you the client will be able to update content, therefore no need to pay a webmaster to keep you site current. Following, it has so much room for growth, updating a WordPress site with a new feature is very simple. Lastly, we get you up & reeving fast for a solid price.

This includes:

~ Domain
~ Hosting with all the whistles
~ Design ( you will be satisfied guaranteed)
~ Coding/Implementation
~ SEO with monthly reports
~ Optimization for mobile devices
~ Back up & sever administration
~ Plus, plus, plus