Internet / Websites

Since the creation of this splendid tool we call the world wide web, founded in 1989, we have followed its growth. Constantly seeking to be among the scholars in the field, Braxen BLVD. provides a garden of services. Please contact us for more details, suggestion or opportunities.


    • HTML & Css
    • Javascript / Ajax/ jquery
    • SVG / Html 5
    • Php with mysql
    • Sass / Bootstrap
    • WordPress / CMS
    • Flash as2-3
    • Xml / SSL / shell



Look &



designers that create memorable visuals.



making sure your audience


gets the




exude those




targeted goals

traffic reports

market focus

Global reach


Cost effective

Reliable create


with no compromises!

we can guarantee that



WordPress Dev.

250Its very effective having a website on the internet, using the right fuel like a WordPress will get you past the finish line.

WordPress is the leading web development tool used by so many, including major Canadian political parties, universities & colleges and journalists. We are now able to build the most complex yet functional website in a few weeks. This make the application comparable to none.

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Hosting & Servers

Since we want to make sure that all the details of your online presence is solid.
Our website hosting packages are among the leading in the industry.

Our server system includes:
~ unlimited personal email addresses (
~ 3 backups so no lost content or downtine/outages
~ The latest PHP/MySql versions
~ Unlimited bandwidth (Upload/Download)
~ 24 hours service

All starting at:

5a month

Coding & Programming


If you’re in need of a little interactivity online, we have the expertise to complete a application. Either educational, functional or just for fun we can code in most languages. We specialise in smaller type of projects, like online tests, mobile games & interactive banners.

Consultations &Training

Drawing machine

Now that the internet is so huge, sometimes we just need a little clarity before jumping into something. Our team can offer advice regarding most internet related topics, we train our clients to use certain tools as well as teach groups energetically. Please let us open up the discussion together so that we are all more at ease with this rapidly evolving medium we use so dependently.

Some ideas are focus groups, lunch & learns or classrooms